Healing Trauma Through Somatic Therapy & Kundalini Breathwork

Discover a transformative workshop on healing trauma with somatic therapy and Kundalini breathwork, led by expert Sat Somatic.

Healing Trauma Through Somatic Therapy & Kundalini Breathwork.

Are you on a journey to embrace and transform your deepest traumas, seeking pathways to healing that resonate with your body's innate wisdom?

Discover a transformative workshop on healing trauma with somatic therapy and Kundalini breathwork, led by expert Sat Somatic

By participating in this workshop, you will not only gain practical tools for self-regulation and trauma healing but also develop a deeper understanding of your body's trauma responses, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate your healing journey with greater emotional resilience, spiritual growth, and a sense of reconnection with your inner self.

This workshop is ideal for individuals seeking to heal from trauma, professionals looking to deepen their therapeutic practice, or anyone interested in exploring the power of somatic therapy and Kundalini breathwork for personal growth and emotional healing.


  • You're navigating the complexities of emotional and spiritual healing and seeking effective, body-centered approaches.
  • You’re a professional in a therapeutic role looking to integrate somatic and breathwork practices into your work with clients.
  • You’re curious about the intersection of ancient Kundalini techniques and modern somatic therapy for trauma resolution.
  • You are feeling stuck in traditional therapy modalities and open to exploring transformative, experiential healing methods.
  • You are committed to personal growth and willing to dive deep into understanding and healing trauma through innovative, holistic practices.


  • You're not ready to commit to the process of self-exploration and change that somatic practices and breathwork require.
  • You are not open to exploring new methods for healing and personal growth.


  • Understanding trauma and its impact on the body and mind, so that you can your own trauma responses and those of others around you.
  • Techniques for somatic experiencing, so that you can begin to heal trauma by tuning into your body's wisdom and sensations.
  • The principles of Kundalini breathwork, so that you can use breath as a powerful tool for self-regulation and emotional release.
  • Practical exercises for grounding and self-soothing, so that you can manage trauma symptoms and reduce anxiety in your daily life.
  • Strategies for integrating somatic therapy and Kundalini breathwork into your healing journey, so that you can foster long-term resilience and emotional wellbeing.


  • On demand access to the workshop recordings
  • Practical exercises to embody the workshop’s teachings
  • Accompanying resources and materials


  • Psychedelic Cannabis and Holotropic Trauma Healing | Skye Weaver
  • A Guided NLP Technique to Reframe Trauma & Experience Freedom Quickly | Eugen Popa
  • Microdosing for Trauma - A Journey of Homecoming | Anahita Anais
  • Rebranding Trauma: Why We Need a Change of Perspective | Liam Farquhar
  • Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation & Why It Matters | Atira Tan

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Your Instructor

Sat Somatic
Sat Somatic

Sat is a kundalini teacher trainer, reiki master, and breath worker, and a qualified Somatic Experiencing® Therapist and Assistant Provider in Somatic trainings worldwide. She is a member of the SEA UK, EASE & SETI international regulatory boards of Somatic Experiencing®.

She has trained with some of the top somatic therapists that directly work with Peter Levine, the developer of Somatic Experiencing®, and has created her own method of breathwork to heal trauma combining yogic breath, consciously connected breath, and somatic therapy/somatic touch to help heal trauma in the mind-body connection.

Sat is currently studying transpersonal psychotherapy in CCPE in Little Venice, and she teaches in top studios around London, combining somatic therapy, breathwork, and kundalini to help heal trauma.

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